Insanity Food Plan
Jul 30th, 2012 by Insanity Meal Plan

Introduction to Insanity Food Plan

The insanity food plan was devised to provide the body with the energy and the essential nutrients it needs to support the Insanity 60-day total body workout conditioning program by Shaun T.

The plan advises you to eat five meals a day at intervals of 2 ½ – 3 hours. The plan is divided into recipes for each of the two months you will be following the conditioning program. Each meal section gives you 10 recipes to choose from. This insanity workout meal plan provides a total of 50 different recipes you can follow while on the plan to get the best benefit from the program.



What is the Insanity Food Plan

The meals in the insanity food plan provide 300 calories each but it is possible to ramp up the calories consumed to 400 or 500 calories. The calories that should be consumed at each meal will vary with the individual’s need.

Insanity Food Plan

To meet these needs modifications, known as food blocks, can be added in increments of 100 and 200 calorie units to the basic meals of the insanity meal guide. If your calorie food intake per meal should be 500 calories, then you will have to add a 200 calorie food block to each meal. The food blocks can also be consumed as snacks during the day.



Benefits of to Insanity Food Plan

As you advance through the workout plan, your rate of metabolism will increase sharply and you will burn off more calories as a result. You can adjust your caloric intake to include up to 3, 100 calorie blocks of complex carbohydrates in your insanity food plan.

The insanity workout review explains that each meal should consist of 20 percent fat, 40 percent carbohydrates, and 40 percent protein. It also explains the need bitcoin js to focus on making food choices that include low glycemic items and not overindulging on empty calories such as candy and other junk foods. Eating such foods result in a rapid rise and then fall in the body’s blood sugar levels. Try out to Insanity Food Plan today.

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