Michi’s Ladder – Substitution vs. Diet
Jan 25th, 2013 by Insanity Meal Plan

Michi’s Ladder

There is a lot of talk about people trying to start a new diet especially around New Years. Dieting tends not to work too often because people are trying to restrict themselves or eat in a way that they aren’t happy with or is completely foreign to their normal routine. Michi’s Ladder is more of a substitution plan that has people substitute healthier versions of the same type of food. In essences what a substitution plan does allow you to eat healthier not by restricting but instead by upgrading the food choices. Instead of taking something and cutting it out and replacing it with the most health foods, you gradually upgrade a couple of things each day. This non-restrictive allows for occasional slips in the rungs how to hack bitcoin as long as you are conscious and try to upgrade as you go.

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