Insanity Nutrition Guide Pdf
August 6th, 2012 by Insanity Meal Plan

Insanity Nutrition Guide Pdf

In the insanity nutrition guide you’ll learn about appropriate food choices and the correct balance of nutritional requirements you’ll need on a daily basis. This plan will work for you even if you are total beginner and don’t know what calorie is (everything is explained in detail). It’s designed to power your body trough most intense exercises you will ever have. It focuses on 5 daily meals, none to large or too small. Each meal is about 40% protein, 40% carb, and 20% fat.

Because the Insanity Elite Nutrition Guide is currently unavailable on Amazon, you can check ot the Insanity elite nutrition guide pdf on Scribd.

Insanity Nutrition Guide

S. Warren wrote a customer rewiew on Amazon. He says;

I had purchased the insanity workout but lost the booklet, so ordered a new one on Amazon. I’m working on doing the work out and I am also following the eating plan. The eating plan is laid out and very easy to follow. I find it hard some days to get in five meals but am doing it. I couldn’t do it without the nutrition guide. Its been a week and I am already seeing results, verrrrrrry hard workouts.

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