Insanity Meal Plan
Jul 18th, 2012 by Insanity Meal Plan

Insanity Meal Plan – Introduction

A great new tool for those wanting a healthy lifestyle is the insanity meal plan. Whether you want to lose weight or just tone your body through healthier eating the insanity diet plan will help you make good decisions to achieve great results. This tool is available online and can be personalized to fit your taste in foods and choices you make each day.

When you open the tool online you enter your weight and the goal you are trying to achieve. This will help the tool calculate the best use of food to reach your goal.
Inside this tool you can list the foods you like most and the ones you do not like can be deleted from the list of foods that will be included in your insanity meal plan. The tool will come up with the meals and snacks you need for each day to get the correct number of calories. This insanity eating plan will also let you know the amount of sodium, vitamins, protein, and other nutritional content in your daily meals. You can also see substitutes for items when you do not have the first item chosen by the tool in your kitchen. The tool will make a good substitute for you in the meal plan.

More Instruction On Insanity Meal Plan

The insanity meal plan provides a way for the use to list if they eat fast food or other items not on the day’s meal list. The tool will calculate then the number of calories and other nutritional facts for the day and can adjust future meals that day to help keep the calorie count close to the goal.

Insanity Meal Plan

This is very helpful due to most people not sticking every day to an insanity food plan all the way through the entire day. Often people make bad choices for snacks or quick meals.

To reach goals it is important to plan and have an insanity workout calendar to follow for success. The more you commit to following your insanity meal plan and your workout the faster you will see yourself achieving your goals.

Insanity Meal Plan Calendar

Planning is the first step and committing is the second. Just adjust when you make a poor choice and start fresh the next day following your calendar and plan.

If you truly want to change your health for the better there are tools you can use to make it easier to plan and to stay devoted to the process of achieving the weight you want to live a healthy life.

By using a tool like this you can know the meals will have foods you like and will meet your nutritional needs each day to help you achieve insanity workout results with appropriate foods in your body to repair the muscles and give you energy.
Following the insanity meal plan can save you time from counting calories every time you pick up a piece of food. Just eat what the meal plan says and you will be just fine.

10 Steps in the Insanity Asylum “Get Shredded” Guide

  1. Eat Frequently – I eat 6 meals a day (one being my post workout recovery drink & protein), basically every 3 hours
  2. Go Light at Night – this was one of the changes I incorporated into my diet, basically I made my dinners smaller and shifted more calories to the first half of the day. I also removed carbs (except veggies) from my last 2 meals of the day.
  3. Limit your portions – With eating 6 meals a day, this goes hand-in-hand but on average I ate about 400 calories per meal, 6x a day
  4. Eat Lean – this includes lean meats, fruits, veggies, healthy fats. I was already doing this pretty well but I added more healthy fats through out the day to more meals. Things such as almonds, avocados, peanut butter, etc.
  5. Carbs are cool – Chose whole gain carbs instead of white carbs – this is something I follow very strictly and but as I mentioned above, I removed carbs from my last 2 meals (with the exception of veggies and recovery drink).
  6. Avoid Dairy – The plan says to avoid dairy and I was very strict about reducing my dairy to 1 serving a day (which was a Greek Yogurt).
  7. Hydrate – The plan recommends a minimum of 8 cups of 8 ounces of water and avoiding all juices and sodas! I drink about 14 cups of water and avoid all juices/sodas.
  8. No Alcohol – no problem!
  9. Don’t fear Fat – it says to avoid butter and cheese (which I did) but it says to eat more healthy fats. I was already eating about 2 servings of healthy fats so I increased this to about 4, while staying within the ratio of 40/40/20. I eat almonds, peanut butter, whole eggs and avocados daily.
  10. Supplements – it recommends recovery drink for post workout recovery and Shakeology, which I take religiously.

Take control of your obstacles and overcome the weight one by eating healthy and exercising for strength and power. Try out Insanity meal plan today.

Focus T25 Nutrition Plan: Highly Effective for Weight Loss
Jul 5th, 2013 by Insanity Meal Plan

By this time you probably heard about the latest and most effective weight loss regimen – The Focus T25 Workout by Shaun T. that provides full body workout in just 25 minutes a day, which gives astonishing results. This is by far the most doable and feasible way to lose weight but in order to meet the nutritional demand of your body you need an effective fat loss meal plan to go with it.
Introducing the Focus T25 Nutrition Plan – this is the most “fully packed” and summarized meal plan that you’ll ever know. It will cover all the nutritional aspect that you will ever need in shedding off unwanted pounds and melting all the fats while toning the body’s physique, there is really nothing more to ask for. The Focus t25 meal plan is very simple but incorporates scientifically proven diet formula that will work best on any serious weight watcher.

Focus T25 Nutrition Plan Philosophy

Created to keep dieting simple and easy, the focus T25 diet plan thrives on the proven nutritional philosophy that – it is best to eat smaller portion of food at several times a day. This strategy is definitely much appealing to more dieters and health buffs as compared to that of Insanity and Body Beast. The simplicity of Focus T25 diet allows people to eat more often but in smaller quantity. This way is so simple and easy and would probably surprise you. This T25 meal plan aims to get more people into a healthier body, keeping them fit and full of confidence. The main reason why T25 diet plan is created is to simplify good nutrition making it straight forward and very doable.

What is Focus t25 Nutrition?

The focus T25 diet plan comprises having frequent meals throughout the day. Eating several times a day with an interval of a few hours has been known to normalize blood sugar levels, which can certainly prevent any illogical food craving or unreasonable food binges. This effective diet plan works on improving metabolism while providing a steady balance of energy through regulated sugar blood level. The Focus T25 meal plan promotes eating breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner on a daily basis according to a specific calorie requirement per individual.
The T25 diet comes with a 4 Step Calorie quiz that is very simple and it is the easiest way to calculate an individual’s caloric requirement. There are four questions on this quiz- all easy and needs no mathematical analysis.
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Be Fit in a 25-Minute Workout Program of Focus T25
Jun 24th, 2013 by Insanity Meal Plan

Be Fit in a 25-Minute Workout Program of Focus T25

Who doesn’t have a problem of losing weight in no time? No one, no one does because we’ve always thought slimming down and becoming fit takes several months to achieve. But, it’s not going to be the same this time.
Shaun T.  brings you the Focus T25 – the newest and fastest workout program that is set to be introduced in the world of fitness very soon. It’s a complete formula of total wellness and fitness as requested by the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler.
Are you now wondering what makes this different from the existing workout programs around? Let’s get to know why.

What Makes Focus T25 Different?

We’ve done daily workout plans that last more than an hour to finish. It’s eating much of our time when we have so much to do aside from working out. We all know that time is one of our rivals in attaining a healthy body.
That’s why we’ve come up with a workout program that will only take 25 minutes of your time every day. The length of time might have been shortened, but we guarantee you the same and even better results than those long-hour plans.
We were able to come up with this plan after serious experimentation and conduction of tests in order to make sure that it’s going to be successful. We’re glad to tell you that yes we’ve succeeded and we’re sharing it with you very soon!

When is It Going to Be Available?

It’s coming sooner than you think and you’ll be able to enjoy this healthy and hassle-free workout plan. This year, it’s about time for all health enthusiasts to experience the newest breakthrough in fitness and wellness.

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The P90X Nutrition Plan Schedule
Apr 15th, 2013 by Insanity Meal Plan

The P90X Nutrition Plan

It is hardly a secret that people are becoming increasingly overweight. They are experiencing more of the health issues that are associated with being overweight. In fact, obesity and the health issues it causes, like diabetes, are being experienced at epidemic proportions. The question is how to correct the situation.
Many people are turning to the popular workout system called P90X. Because it’s better to incorporate both diet and exercise into a weight loss plan, the P90X system uses both to help you lose fat and build muscle. The creators of this system employed diet and nutrition experts to balance the right amount of calories consumed with the level of calories burned with the workouts in order to accomplish this. Although this nutrition plan is designed to take ninety days, you can adjust the length of the phases, if you need to which would increase or decrease the amount of time the total system takes.

The P90X Nutrition Plan Schedule

There are three distinct phases to the P90X system. The first is called the Fat Shredder.

Fat Schredder

The Fat Shredder helps you to shed fat as you gain muscle through a high protein diet. The purpose of this stage is to help you decrease your percentage of body fat to increase your energy levels. The only reason that you should extend phase one is if you need to lose a good percentage of your body fat and feel that your energy levels are high enough to handle the second phase of the workout system. You can also shorten the amount of time you spend on phase one if you have a lower percentage of body fat to lose or if you don’t have the energy to get through your workouts.
Phase two of the P90X nutritional plan is called Energy Booster.

Energy Booster

This plan is more of a well rounded stage than the first phase so it would be more sensible to use long term. You can extend this phase of the nutritional plan as long as you want, as long as you feel like you have enough energy and are still achieving your weight loss goals. It is a low fat mix of carbohydrates and protein to help your energy levels increase.

Endurance Maximizer

Endurance Maximizer is the third phase of the nutritional plan. Its blend of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and low fat is designed to get the most out of the third phase of the P90X workout plan. It has a strong emphasis on carbohydrates to give you enough fuel to maximize your workout. This phase of the plan is set almost as a reward for making it through the other two phases. Because the diet is athletic, you should only do this if you are working out and pushing your body to function at its fullest.

The official P90x nutrition plan can be downloaded HERE.

The P90x Worksheet can be downladed for free HERE

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